Ants & Termites: The Garden Thyme Podcast

In this month’s episode of The Garden Thyme Podcast, we are talking about two common household pests: ants and termites. We often get questions about these two pests. While both live in colonies and can enter our homes, they have very different lifecycles and social structures. Some of them are nuisance pests, while others can cause damage to our homes.

We also have our: 

  • Native Plant of the Month – Wild mint (Mentha arvensis)– ~ 24:25
  • Bug of the Month –  Golden-backed snipe fly ~ ~28:30
  • Garden Tips of the Month – ~31:30

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The Garden Thyme Podcast is brought to you by the University of Maryland Extension. Hosts are Mikaela Boley, Senior Agent Associate (Talbot County) for Horticulture; Rachel Rhodes, Agent Associate for Horticulture (Queen Anne’s County); and Emily Zobel, Senior Agent Associate for Agriculture (Dorchester County).

Theme Song: By Jason Inc

Lawn and Garden Tips for February

Grass seed. Photo: John W. Jett, Horticulture Specialist WVU Extension Service


  • Late February through the end of March is the second-best time (the optimum time is late August through mid-October) to overseed your lawn to make it thicker or to cover bare areas. The freezing and thawing of the soil this time of the year actually helps the seed to get good soil contact. Lawn renovation and overseeding
  • Be careful to keep ice-melting products off turf to avoid killing your lawn.
  • Do not use fertilizer to melt snow. See Melting Ice Safely

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