Yard and Garden Tips and Tasks for June

July Flowers

Outdoor Yard and Garden Tips

  • Cut iris flower stalks down to the crown when they are finished blooming. Leave the foliage alone. If your iris are over-crowded after flowering lift and divide them. Check rhizomes for iris borer.
  • Practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in your landscape. Do not spray your trees and shrubs preventively. This kills the predators and parasitoids that are helping to keep destructive pests under control.
  • Water newly planted trees and shrubs until they become established (for about 2 years), especially in the summer and fall. Water deeply by allowing the water to soak into the soil directly underneath and around the root ball.  Check the depth of water penetration into the soil by digging a small hole after watering. It should be moist about 6 inches down. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch is helpful. Keep mulch away from the trunk or stem.

Indoor Plant and Insect Tips

pider mite webbing

Spider mite webbing

  • Monitor houseplants kept indoors for mealybugspider mitesaphidswhitefly, and scale. If houseplant pests are a problem consider spraying with a labeled horticultural oil or insecticidal soap. If possible, move the plants outside before spraying and when dry, move them back indoors. Discard heavily infested plants.
  • Pantry pests, like Indian meal mothsgrain beetles, cigarette beetles, and carpet beetles may be found around windows trying to get out of your home. These pests can be swept up or vacuumed.  No chemical controls are recommended.

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4 Comments on “Yard and Garden Tips and Tasks for June

  1. Thanks for these tips. What about daffodils? Is now a good time to dig them up and transplant? Mine seemed crowded and not getting enough sunlight where they’ve been planted. The leaves have browned and died off but I’ve placed markers so I can find them again.


  2. Is there an explosion of borer diseases & infestations Now in Montgomery County, Md? What other counties are effected? Asking government for assistance is useless. Our rver growing population here Has new tax needs to support the also growing government jobs. Some of our yards have acquired streams we did not have 5 years ago. Land has been altered. Pollution is too high (all kinds), the roads very inadequate, I’m afraid to say. Thank you, again. SL

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