Monthly Tips for June

Ornamental Plants

New Englang aster

  • Attract beneficial insects to your landscape by planting a wide variety of flowering annuals and perennials that will bloom over the entire growing season. Good choices are plants in the following families: daisy (marigolds, daisies, asters, mums), carrot (dill, fennel, anise, yarrow, parsley) and mint (all mints and thymes).
  • Pinch out the flower buds of fall blooming asters, mums, goldenrod and other fall bloomers to keep plants bushy and prevent early flowering.


Bromeliad. Photo by R. Bosmans
Bromeliad. Photo by R. Bosmans
  • Fertilize houseplants now that they are actively growing again.
  • If you want to take your houseplants outdoors, keep them out of full-sun locations until they are fully acclimated to outdoor conditions.
  • Monitor houseplants that are outside for insect problems.


  • VegetablesThe suckers or succulent shoots that develop from tomato plants at the soil line should be removed throughout the season. You can plant these suckers for a late crop.
  • Now is a good time to plant a second crop of radishes, beets, and beans to make full use of available garden space. View our Vegetable Planting Calendar to plan for more succession planting schedules.

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  1. GEORGE LAMBERT June 6, 2018 / 10:05 pm

    Was shocked to see radish recommended for an early summer seed planting.
    Always thought it was a cool weather crop for spring and fall, no?

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