Ask an Expert: Is This Blossom End Rot on My Tomatoes?

Q: I think this is blossom end rot on a tomato. Could you take a look and let me know your thoughts and a solution to the problem?

A: While this symptom indeed looks very similar to that of blossom end rot, it is actually indicative of anthracnose, a type of fungal disease. Anthracnose causes sunken black lesions and this type of white- to salmon-colored fungal sporulation. Blossom end rot, a nutritional disorder, appears as a black, sunken leathery lesion, with no signs of fungus.

To help avoid athracnose and other types of damage to tomatoes, pick fruits regularly and before they ripen fully. Allow them to finish ripening off the vine, indoors. Quickly remove and discard any infected tomatoes. Avoid overhead watering and splashing soil onto the fruits.

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