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Do Tomatoes Get Cold Feet?

No, tomatoes really don’t get cold feet but, then, why do they need socks? For protection from the ubiquitous Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs! Two Maryland Food Gardeners have submitted photos of the “Tomato Socks” they created to protect their tomatoes….

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How to harvest tomato seeds

Want to learn how to save tomato seeds for next year? Link on over to Barbara Damrosch’s “A Cook’s Garden” column in the Local Living section of today’s Washington Post.

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Tips for making "quick" tomato sauce

I couldn’t believe it. I had picked so many large red tomatoes—Celebrity, Big Beef, Biltmore, Brandywine—that I had filled two colanders and had to stack scores more of tomatoes on the nearby sidewalk. And then I put them into buckets—one…

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Saving some gold for winter

I remember Grammie Dickson in the late 1940s stirring, stirring, stirring the contents of her dented aluminum pot on her kerosene stove, adjusting the flame occasionally, and stirring, stirring, stirring. She was making yellow tomato preserves. When she declared the…

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Don’t fear this tomato monster

As the sun this morning peeked over the white pines and the thermometer rose into the 80s, I was in our tomato patch hosing water into my ooze irrigation buckets because no measurable rain has fallen for nearly two weeks….

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How to pick tomatoes four weeks early

How proud I am of my thriving tomato plants, the hundreds of yellow blossoms, the tiny green tomatoes with such great potential. But Barbara White, a Howard County Master Gardner, has Early Girl tomatoes turning from yellow to orange and…

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