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Green Ice becomes green slush: My mini-greenhouse fails

My cheap mini-greenhouse after two winters’ use The mini-greenhouse I made by cutting the bottom from a plastic storage box failed during recent frigid temperatures. I picked lettuce from the mini-greenhouse every month during the 2011-2012 winter—one of the warmest…

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Growing Cumbers Inside

Cucumber with bloom  Win some, lose some when you’re experimenting, but it’s fun to experiment, especially when it comes to growing food and pushing the limits of production. This year, one of the things I wanted to try was growing…

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More recycled materials for gardens

Since we are all taking advantage of the warm winter to work on preparing our gardens for the season (are we?  I hope I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to it yet) I thought I’d share a couple of…

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Pat’s 792-square foot garden

As many of you out there have discovered, you can still grow your own food even if you have little space or soil.  UME Master Gardener Pat Lynch, in Montgomery Village, Maryland, lives in a townhouse with a 792-square foot…

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