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The Year of Cucurbits!!

No, we haven’t forgotten. 🙂 I admit that back in January when we were starting Grow It Eat It’s Year of Cucurbits, I felt some trepidation. There are lots of things that can go wrong with squash, cucumbers, melons and…

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Starting cucurbits under lights

Despite the cold winter we had this year and the cool, wet spring we have had so far, I’m still looking forward to a return to more seasonal temperatures by my warm season plant out date of May 17.  This…

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Know your squash species

Since this is the Year of the Cucurbit here at GIEI, we’re going to be talking about squash a lot. I thought, therefore, that this would be a good time to remind our readers that squashes come not just in…

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Holiday Tromboncino Squash!

I meant to post this earlier, but procrastination pays off: now it can be a celebration of the Year of the Cucurbit. This is how MG Robin Ritterhoff decorated her front door for the holidays: Look closely: the wreath is…

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Pumpkin Brulee Pie —

I’ve done it again. Or rather, I’ve not done it – AGAIN! Taken pictures of food. We grow, harvest, cook and eat, but always, in the midst of wine and men and women, and laughter and conversation, I forget to…

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Halloween links

Some links to check out for Halloween: Adrian Higgins’ column in today’s Washington Post: The age of giant pumpkins Harvard Extension: Pumpkin, flavor of the season from Huffington Post 31 Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Overly Ambitious People And some more…

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