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The Pantry is Ready

Guest author: Susie Hill, Frederick County Master GardenerThis article originally appeared in the Frederick News Post “Why does Grady have canned peaches in his closet?” my daughter asked. I’ve seen my kids stash stuff in their rooms before. Usually, it is…

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Good Day For a Cry

Guest post by Susie Hill, Frederick County Master Gardener Liza and Katy Hill are shown swinging on their playset in the garden. It is a glorious day. The crickets are singing, the humidity is low and the sky is cobalt —…

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Glad I’m Not a Starving Colonist: Guest Post by Susie Hill

Katy Hill makes a wish as she ensures the proliferation of dandelions My son, Grady, seven at the time, stood in the back of the pick up truck surveying his work. His eyes were wide, arms outstretched, and his jaw…

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Don’t Rush the Harbingers: Guest post by Susie Hill

Susie Hill is a Frederick County Master Gardener and former HGIC Horticulture Consultant.  This article originally appeared in the  Frederick News Post on April 2, 2015. Susie Hill “When do you think things will green up?” a friend asked me…

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