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The Seeds are coming! The seeds are coming!

Ahhhh……the growing season is almost upon us! It is officially here for me as I just ordered some of the seeds that I will be growing in my garden this year! Yay! So here’s what will be arriving in a…

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Seed orders finally done!

Planning for the Derwood Demo Garden continues. Here are the stages I’ve gone through so far: 1. Brainstorming ideas. Here’s where I put down on paper that I’d like waves of single-color Swiss chard making a rainbow; beans meant to…

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Grow It Eat It Goals

Erica’s article below got me excited. Garden planning is a fun winter activity. I encourage everyone to set goals to change or expand your garden this year. Perhaps you can add a couple of more pots to your condo terrace….

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Mouse melon seed

2009 was, for me, the year of the mouse melon. You can read my previous post in which I enthuse about this little crisp cucumber relative that looks like a miniature watermelon. So if you want 2010 to be your…

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What to look for in a seed catalog

Ah, the blank slate of the spring garden! It’s cold outside, more snow is on its way, and spring planting is just a dream. But the seed catalogs are here, so dreaming is the right thing to do… and then,…

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