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Frugal Gardener: Cutting lettuce in March

Red Sails lettuce cut Mar. 2 It was beautiful—the head of Red Sails lettuce I cut Friday when Ellen said we needed lettuce for our lunchtime sandwiches. The head was the last of three I raised over winter in the…

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Frugal Gardener: Greenhouseperhaps becomes mini-greenhouse

Frosted greenhouseperhaps afterDecember 29 flurries We’ve had temperatures as low as 22°F and snow flurries in late October and December.  So how’s my $13.67 greenhouseperhaps doing? My inexpensive—ok, cheap—greenhouseperhaps is a plastic storage container from which I cut the bottom. …

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Frugal Gardener: My $13.67 greenhouseperhaps

My $13.67 greenhouseperhaps Finally one of my dreams has come true: I have a greenhouseperhaps.  I bought it for $13.67 at Wal-Mart Saturday night.  I prepared it for installation in less than an hour using one tool, a carpet knife. …

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How Large a Rake Do You Need?

These old teeth get the job done Do I need a Tacoma pickup truck or an 18-wheeler to cart bags of pine-bark mulch from Sun Nurseries to our house?Easy answer: My little Tacoma is just the right size, thank you,…

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Hose repair

Okay garden gals and guys, here’s our first lesson in repair. This may seem very simplistic to some but for those that may not know how to do it, now you will know! What is it you ask? Hose repair!…

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