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Who-dun-it: Case of the Toppling Potato Plant

Who-dun-it?Photo: Susan Levi-Goerlich Susan Levi-Goerlich wasn’t a happy gardener. Something was eating her snap peas about three inches above the ground—and then chard leaves began to go missing. Hmm, she thought, mice. Then—both on the same day—a beet and a…

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Growing potatoes but not in-ground ( Part #2 )

This is an update to my Yukon Gold potato plants growing on my deck. They are presently flowering exactly 2 months after planting. When the flowers die, and if I need a potato, I can harvest new potatoes from a…

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Growing potatoes but not in-ground.

Why not! For a home gardener, it’s not an obligation to buried in- ground the 8-10 patato seeds you just bought at the garden center or big box store. I grow my Yukon Gold on the turf or on the…

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Help, the potatoes are here!

So you’re busily ordering seeds and other garden items back in January, and seed potatoes* are on your list, so you order some, and when it comes to checkout you’re asked when you want them delivered?  And you blithely check…

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Red, white and blue potatoes

If you planted your potatoes in March or April, and they have flowered, you can harvest baby potatoes now (or perhaps even teenage potatoes!). Dig around very gently at the base of your plants – you may be able to…

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Potato planting day

Yesterday was potato planting day at the Derwood Demo Garden. You can find lots of information on potatoes under Vegetable Profiles at the Grow It Eat It website, but here are the basics for planting day. Potato tubers (the part…

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