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Tree prunings: rustic charm for veggie supports

Want to add a little rustic charm to your veggie garden—and save some money in the process? Mary Silver of Clarksville builds what she calls “supports” for her cucumbers out of tree branches that she prunes from her home landscape….

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Trellis Cucumbers

In years past I grew my cucumbers on the ground. As they sprawled across the garden, they encroached into the other vegetables and were difficult to harvest. They would hide underneath the leaves and I would accidentally step on them….

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Pantyhose in the tomato patch

My tomato plants seem to be growing an inch a day, and it’s time again to tie them to their cages so the growing stems don’t become top-heavy, bend, and slump toward the ground. But what should I use for…

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Cotyledons and Cattle Panels

I promised to go outside for this next post, and so here we are in the demo garden… um, last summer, since the scarlet runner beans are not blooming yet, or even growing much. But we have something to look…

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A Super Duty Trellis

We are tired of tomato cages that fall over and leave our tomatoes a tangled mess of diseased plants that are dificult to water, weed, and harvest. String weaving is more labor intensive with the same results. So this year…

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