Maryland Grows


Peanut harvest

Back in May I posted about why peanuts are cool, and this week at the demo garden we finally harvested our little patch. (We might have waited a little longer, but with all the rain forecast it sounded like a…

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This photo is just because I like watching peanuts emerge from the soil so much. For the purposes of this Year of Root Vegetables, I am counting peanuts as part of that clan even though they’re not. ┬áDon’t peanuts grow…

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Peanut Resurrection!

So I was about to toss the odd root-in-the-air peanut seedlings mentioned in my last post because nothing appeared to be happening to them but a gradual greening of the swollen seed, when I thought – let me see what’s…

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A peanut problem

So this year I decided we are going to grow peanuts in the demo garden. I have only grown them once before, and that time I started them directly in the ground, and I think we got a few that…

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