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Open Pollinated Corn Part 6

Corn from the “Trail of Tears” What has become known as the “Trail of Tears” is a particularly dishonorable episode in the long history of displacement of aboriginal people to make room for European settlers. In the case of the…

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Open Pollinated Corn – Part 4

How do I get started? Now that I may have convinced at least some of you that you want to try some open pollinated corn, how does one get started? First of all, you need space for planting. Corn takes…

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Open Pollinated Corn – Part 3

Why there may be a place for open pollinated corn varieties In spite of the problems detailed in the previous post, a fair minded observer would have to say that the adoption of hybrid corn by commercial farmers has been…

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Open Pollinated Corn – Part Two

Why Hybrid Corn Seed Can’t Be Saved and Unintended Consequences Hybrid corn seed cannot be saved and replanted because hybrid varieties do not “breed true” in following generations. The reason for this is that in the hybrid variety each plant…

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Open Pollinated Corn

What and Why? The History Corn, Zea mays, which most of the world outside of the United States knows as maize, is one of the most useful cereal crops of the world. Today in the United States and much of…

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