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Reflections on Tomatoes, 2011

Article by Sabine Harvey, Kent County: Which tomatoes performed best during this challenging season? Between the Victory Garden at Kent County Middle School and my home garden, I planted 9 different varieties. At the Victory Garden, we covered one bed…

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Tomato Patch: Drip irrigation and mulch

Drip-irrigation buckets strategically placed I must be a glutton for punishment. Wednesday I transplanted 23 tomato seedlings into our garden. After I looked at the 3-day forecast, I installed drip-irrigation buckets in the Tomato Patch and mulched most of the…

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A new bed for less work

It used to be that when I wanted to eat away at the lawn a little more and make a new bed for planting in, we’d rent a sod cutter and remove slices of grass (and/or weeds) with their roots,…

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Leaves–nature’s mulch

Don’t even think of burning or bagging and tossing the falling leaves. In her “A Cook’s Garden” column in today’s Washington Post, Barbara Damrosch, suggests how you can use them in flower and veggie gardens and on the lawn. I…

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No-till garden from scratch

Many Master Gardeners have related successful experiences with the lasagna garden method of creating new garden beds. Pat Lanza has popularized these techniques in her books, which I am determined to read. The concept is simple: cover areas of turf…

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