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Fall soil improvement can lead to greater yields in 2016

I’m a vegetable gardener that makes intensive use of the space in my 4 foot wide raised beds.  What do I mean by intensive use, I mean that I pay more attention to the spacing between plants (see HG16 – Planting…

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Grow100 Category Winners!

“Wouldn’t it be neat to have a contest to see what people could do with 100 square feet of food gardening space”? UME Master Gardeners active in the Grow It Eat It program asked themselves this question last year and…

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Successes and disappointment with cool season crops

So, today I decided to remove my row cover and do some weeding around my intensively planted cool season crops.  Well, there were lots of seedlings of dead nettle and chick weed to be removed, lots of successes and some…

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