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Groundhog War!

The other night I came home, weary from a hard day’s work and ready to relax.  Unfortunately, some(fuzzy)body had other ideas.  As I walked toward my front door, I saw not one, but TWO groundhogs just hanging out by the…

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Grow It Eat It! does NOT include Groundhogs!

If I could misquote the late, great George Orwell, of ‘Animal Farm’ fame: ‘Two legs good, four legs BAD!!!’ (Look it up for today’s literary lesson.) Exhibit A: This is what my fall broccoli looked like after the groundhog got…

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Fort Knox invaded!

Groundhog by neighbors’ front porch I had an intriguing wildlife experience yesterday, which naturally I have to share with my Grow It Eat It friends.  You’ll remember my triple-layer garden fence, which we hoped would keep out the neighborhood critters. …

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

We have a bunny in the demo garden. We’ve nicknamed it Benjamin, though it could be male or female.  He (for lack of a more precise pronoun) is young but growing fast, and not much afraid of us, and awfully…

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