Maryland Grows


Links post!

Links for your reading in case it does rain more this week. We are very glad to see Saturday’s forecast turning sunny. First, for the do-it-yourselfers: 13 Greenhouse Plans (or at least links to same), and (slightly less seasonally appropriate than…

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Pests in a Packed House

Puppy playing keep-away early on a still-frosty April morning It’s still cold as I write this (at least ten degrees below ‘normal’). I went out with the 75-pound puppy and played catch (actually it’s more like keep-away since once he…

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Crowded lettuce – I transplanted before I thought of taking a picture! Another year, another experiment.  Last year, it was stogie-sized cucumbers climbing up a metal trellis I had wrestled into the north end of the greenhouse. And a productive…

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Growing Cumbers Inside

Cucumber with bloom  Win some, lose some when you’re experimenting, but it’s fun to experiment, especially when it comes to growing food and pushing the limits of production. This year, one of the things I wanted to try was growing…

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