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Damrosch on ‘earth vegetables’

Buried treasure Here’s a link to Barbara Damrosch, “A Cook’s Garden” columnist in the Washington Post, on “What on earth? Winter’s buried treasure”—“earth vegetables,” as she calls them, that make good winter food and can be stored in the ground,…

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Local Field Trip for Food Preservation

Montgomery County has a growing number and demand for community gardens. As a Master Gardener and someone who wants to grow at least some of my own food I was thrilled to be able to attain a spot at the…

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Saving herbs for winter

Wondering how you can best save herbs for winter use? Then you’ll want to read Susan Belsinger’s article, “Fresh approaches: Two ways to make your herbs last longer,” in the Food Section of today’s Washington Post. From the article you…

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Saving some gold for winter

I remember Grammie Dickson in the late 1940s stirring, stirring, stirring the contents of her dented aluminum pot on her kerosene stove, adjusting the flame occasionally, and stirring, stirring, stirring. She was making yellow tomato preserves. When she declared the…

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Preserving a cantaloupe ?

In home preserving, drying, canning, and freezing are the most common methods to use. For some veggies/fruits like tomatoes, the options for preserving are large; for others like cucumbers, the choices are more limited. Sure, you can ferment cucumbers, which…

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