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The importance of being floral

Happy National Pollinator Week! I often talk about how important it is to grow flowers in vegetable gardens in order to attract beneficial insects, but it was really brought home to me yesterday during a Master Gardener Advanced Training class,…

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Tillage Radishes: Multi-talented Beauties

Billows of Tillage Radish Blooms When I first planted tillage radishes in early October of 2009 in my Baltimore County, Maryland garden, the intent was to biodrill. That planting turned out to be too late and on ground that was…

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A flower quiz

For Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and the end of school, here’s a quiz: what do all these flowers have in common? From the top: petunia, pepper, potato, nicotiana, tomato, and eggplant. We could also add wolfberry, tomatillo, brugmansia, calibrachoa, tobacco,…

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Too late for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

I went down to my vegetable garden today to take photos of other stuff I’m going to blog about soon, and was pleased to see that all my Blue Adirondack potatoes are in bloom. Blue potatoes have blue flowers! Which…

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Blooming edibles

Here at Grow It! Eat It! we’re going to start participating in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of each month, but in our own style focusing on edibles. Hm, May is a hard month, chez Erica at least….

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A mouth-watering rose

I love roses—especially the edible ones. Just look at the photo of the simple, white, elegant blossom set against its background of deep-green leaves. What a perfect picture it makes on May 15, a stunning spring day here in piedmont…

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