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Bean and pea update: favas and much more

We are still celebrating the Year of Beans and Peas at the Derwood Demo Garden. Peas were slow to get going due to early cold temperatures, but luckily once it got hot it didn’t stay hot, and we began harvesting…

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Fall and spring-sown fava beans

Fava beans are a Mediterranean crop that can be difficult to grow in our climate of wide temperature swings in springtime – “too cold to sprout” turns very quickly to “too hot to thrive.” Kent’s recent post showed us a good way…

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Pre sprouting and planting fava/broad beans and sugar snap peas

Earlier this week, I looked at the 7 day weather forecast and saw that temperatures were forecast to return to seasonal averages.  So, I decided to try a new way (at least for me) to plant some fava beans and…

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