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Mail-order disease-resistant tomatoes plants

This year we did something different with our tomatoes. In our garden, early blight (fungus) is a real problem. My wife doesn’t want the tomatoes covered badly with liquid copper because she’s usually the one harvesting the tomatoes and she’s…

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Cukes: dead in 10 days

What beautiful plants they were—four Burpee Bush Champion cucumber vines. Their dark green leaves were so healthy I sometimes paused just to admire them—and the brilliant yellow blossoms too. Soon I was picking beautiful cukes—then bucketfuls of cukes. We ate…

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Two thumbs up for tomatoes, one thumb down for fungus

I’ve just picked a colander full of tomatoes, so I’m officially declaring the beginning of Tomato Harvest 2010 at Meadow Glenn. I had picked a handful of Sungolds last week—and another handful earlier this week, but when I saw red…

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Basil alert: Downy mildew is a threat

Read Adrian Higgins’s article, “What’s eating your basil? A new fungal disease threatens crops this year and beyond,” from today’s Washington Post, Food section, p. E1. His article includes two photos of the mildew on basil.

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Late blight- will it return next year?

Over the Labor Day weekend I had to pull out the 22 tomato plants in my home garden that were infected with late blight. I harvested the green tomatoes, stuffed the plants in large plastic bags and put them out…

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GIEI responds to Fine Gardening’s Vegetable Gardener eLetter post on Late Blight of Tomato

Northeast Tomato Plants Struck by Blight and More – Vegetable Gardener Posted using ShareThis

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