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Growing Cumbers Inside

Cucumber with bloom  Win some, lose some when you’re experimenting, but it’s fun to experiment, especially when it comes to growing food and pushing the limits of production. This year, one of the things I wanted to try was growing…

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Odd-shaped cucumber

I was going to share this photo of a cucumber I picked from my neighbors’ garden while they were away, and explain why it looks like that (no, it’s not a variety bred to be round), but then someone else…

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Cukes: dead in 10 days

What beautiful plants they were—four Burpee Bush Champion cucumber vines. Their dark green leaves were so healthy I sometimes paused just to admire them—and the brilliant yellow blossoms too. Soon I was picking beautiful cukes—then bucketfuls of cukes. We ate…

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Trellis Cucumbers

In years past I grew my cucumbers on the ground. As they sprawled across the garden, they encroached into the other vegetables and were difficult to harvest. They would hide underneath the leaves and I would accidentally step on them….

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Cool cucumbers

One of my fellow demo gardeners recently gave me a cookbook with lots of recipes for garden produce (thanks, Mary!). The author, Sheridan Rogers, lives in Australia, so some of the terminology in the book is different than what we…

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