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Summer Jean, in autumn

In the category of “vegetables I will definitely grow again” – this is a Brassica rapa cultivar bought under the name “Summer Jean” (it looks to me like a sort of Chinese broccoli, and Johnny’s no longer sells seeds by…

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Explaining the broccoli cousins without DNA testing

Confused about broccoli, broccolini, broccoletti, and broccoli rabe? Barbara Damrosch takes six paragraphs to set you on the right track in her “A Cook’s Garden” column, “Honey, I shrunk the broccoli (and improved it),” in today’s Washington Post. CLICK HERE…

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Green with sea kale envy

I woke up to hear it raining last night and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  My, did we need that rain!  Gardeners usually celebrate rainy days, and in the process tick a lot of people off who have been…

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Chinese broccoli and other spring veggies

At our Montgomery County Master Gardener meeting yesterday, we had a great talk by Cindy Brown of Green Spring Gardens about unusual edibles. She brought some sample plants along and was generous enough to donate some of them to our…

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Winter Hardened Greens

Last September I planted some curly kale in a pot on my patio with the intention of getting a head start with seedlings in the spring. In early December I moved the pot up against a sunny south-facing house wall….

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