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The Cabbage Miracle

Writing this blog entry feels a little like writing¬† copy for an outrageous internet ad that promises results that are nothing short of a miracle. But truly, would a Master Gardener lead you astray? Not a chance. This is a…

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Jung Seeds & Plants

Many seed catalogs have arrived but I ordered from Jung’s first, why is that? I attribute it to flawless marketing: offering what gardeners want, reasonable prices (comparable to most of the big seed houses; hybrids command a premium — Rocky…

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The Elements of Organic Gardening by HRH The Prince of Wales

The ground is frozen, snow on top, not a lot to do but there are always books!!!! This book caught my eye at the library. Gardening commentary, great photography and seemingly endless gardens at three of the Prince’s estates make…

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Tillage Radishes: Multi-talented Beauties

Billows of Tillage Radish Blooms When I first planted tillage radishes in early October of 2009 in my Baltimore County, Maryland garden, the intent was to biodrill. That planting turned out to be too late and on ground that was…

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The Hunt for Bradyrhizobium japonicum (Bray-dee-rye-ZO-bee-um jah-PON-ick-come) or How to Make Your Soybeans Really Happy!

I know. You’re probably saying bradyrhizo…what???? Here’s a real vegetable gardener’s detective story, a refreshing break from the usual mysteries like, hey, is this a marmorated stink bug? While reading up on precisely the best way to plant my 4…

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Plowing New Ground

New blogger here and a Baltimore County Master Gardener. Last fall I decided to take the plunge and start a major vegetable garden. A few years back, I planted 1,000 sunflowers, one by each, and the deer ate them to…

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