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Beautiful spring: guest post by Terri Valenti

There is nothing better than when the fruit trees bloom.  Not only is it beautiful but it is also visual evidence of the potential amount of fruit they will produce this year.  This is also the time for vigilant spraying…

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The pomegranate lives! Guest post by Terri Valenti

Ok – so I admit I like to try things.  When I heard there was a pomegranate called Angel Red that could survive to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, produces fruit early, and has soft seeds, I just had to try it.  …

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Fruit Tree Buds: Guest post by Terri Valenti

Terri Valenti heads the GIEI program for Montgomery County Master Gardeners, and grows a variety of edibles, including lots of fruit, in her home garden. She’ll be writing a series of posts on fruit care this year. Assuming your soil…

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