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2016 Gardening Resolutions

It is cold outside! That means, we, gardeners, finally get to spend some time indoors and think about the upcoming growing season. New seeds catalog, enticing us with even better than seeds than ever before, arrive in the mail almost…

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More pictures of destruction

I was so hoping that perhaps a little miracle would have happened during the night. Or that perhaps the tomato plant was going to hold on long enough for the tomatoes to ripen. But in my heart I knew better;…

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The death of my tomato patch

I have been growing tomatoes since I was 16. I have grown tomatoes in the Netherlands and in Wisconsin and I have never experienced anything like this. On Thursday I walked into my vegetable garden and one of my tomato…

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The Quintessential Root Vegetable!

What do you think about when I say “root vegetable”? It simply has got to be a carrot. In fact, in my mother language (Dutch) the word for carrot is “wortel”, which literally means root. Carrots fresh out of the…

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Reflections on the 2012 tomato season

Post by Sabine Harvey It is almost December and I still haven’t written my reflections on this past tomato season. Let mestart by saying that I grow all my tomatoes from seed. I grow these seedlings not only for my…

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