Maryland Grows


A pomegranate is born

After five years, the weather this year must have been perfect because, voila…tasted great too, but got only one fruit…

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Are Garlic and Salad Greens Good Companions

In early Spring I wrote with joy about the lovely salad greens growing amongst my garlic. See photo from April, on right. It seems so efficient and looks great. But I did notice that the garlic plants themselves did not…

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Spring is for planting…and for harvesting

April is said to be the time for seed starting, or patiently watching seedlings and waiting for the day when they can be put into the ground. For me, this year April has been a time of harvest, marvellous harvest….

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Awesome garden in Trinidad

On a recent trip to Trinidad, I came upon an exceptional gardener who, over 20 years, has developed 5 acres of rented property, to support her family and sell excess. Among her crops are cashews, star fruit, neem, papaya, coconut,…

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