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I see a Jack-O Lantern in my soup !

B’en quoi ! A pumpkin is a close relative to the squash and gourd with 3 species with many varieties available. Cucurbita moschata is the species for the butternut squash and the pumpkins for processing. Cucurbita pepo is the species…

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Preserving a cantaloupe ?

In home preserving, drying, canning, and freezing are the most common methods to use. For some veggies/fruits like tomatoes, the options for preserving are large; for others like cucumbers, the choices are more limited. Sure, you can ferment cucumbers, which…

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My Sunday afternoon hobby

This is an example of my Sunday afternoon hobby during summer time; nothing crazy, just normal stuff. My wife made the zucchini–apple soup (top left) and the zucchini bread (top right). We froze half of the soup (small containers) for…

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