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What to Do with That Zucchini

Have you run out of ways to use the zucchini that are growing rampant in your garden? Before you resort to leaving them on your neighbor’s doorstep, here are a couple of recipes to try. Cold Zucchini Yogurt Soup 4…

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"Home Brew" Deer Repellent

My Stella d’Oro daylilies have put on a nice show this year, and so far have not been eaten by visiting deer. Now that other, later lilies have sent up bud stalks and are about to bloom, I have been…

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Companion Planting

Swiss chard is tasty sauted with onions and garlic, but how about combining colorful-stemmed chard with flowers in your annual or perennial bed? I was inspired to do just that when I saw how attractive a single large yellow-stemmed Swiss…

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The Best Laid Plans of a Gardener

Gardening, if nothing else, is a learning experience. As I noted in an earlier blog, last fall I planted kale in a large container with the intention of over-wintering the seedlings and getting a head start with spring gardening. I…

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Winter Hardened Greens

Last September I planted some curly kale in a pot on my patio with the intention of getting a head start with seedlings in the spring. In early December I moved the pot up against a sunny south-facing house wall….

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Fall Container Gardening

Container gardening is possible well into the fall. I tried it for the first time this year with good results. In early September I planted endives, a lettuce mix, and arugula in large plastic pots using a mixture of commercial…

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