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My love-hate relationship with parsnips

I first heard of parsnips three years ago, when asking my mother-in-law for her chicken soup recipe. She said that I absolutely must include [**word in Polish**], not knowing how to translate it. After some research I learned that she…

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Awesome (really!) Video about Pollinators

If you’ve ever wanted to see pollinators at work, up close, photographer Louie Schwartzberg produced a video that gave me a new appreciation of hummingbirds, bees, bats and butterflies. The Hidden Beauty of Pollination, a TED talk, is 7 minutes…

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Hello from the Washington County Demo Garden

It’s finally not like this outside anymore, so yesterday we had our first workday at the Demo Garden at the Sharpsburg Extension Office. The Washington County Master Gardeners started it two years ago, and this year I’m the self-appointed documentarian….

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No Rain, No Pain

You’ve probably heard that every week a vegetable garden requires 1 inch of water per square foot. What you have probably not heard — I only calculated this recently, after getting no rain for 10 days, per my rain gauge…

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Grow It and (Sometimes They) Eat It

Gardening is full of surprises, especially for a novice like me. I became a Master Gardener in Washington County in April 2009. This is also my first year “seriously” growing food. For the past three years in Keedysville I grew…

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