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Putting your small fruit plants on hold

My small fruit plants arrived at home before I could plant. Here’s what I did to “store them”. In all cases, keep the plants cool and out of direct sunlight and keep the roots moist: I opened the box they…

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I love asparagus!

There’s nothing better than asparagus fresh from the garden! We harvested our first spears this morning and roasted them in the oven for lunch.For a real treat, toss spears with a little olive oil, sprinkle with coarse salt, add freshly…

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Garlic is happiness

I love everything about garlic. Here is a new bed I prepared last fall, about 4 ft. X 18 ft. I worked in six, 5-gallon buckets of compost because garlic grows great in rich, loose soil.There are four rows, each…

Read More quotes Jon Traunfeld (click on link) reporter Elizabeth Jia reports on the economic benefits of home food gardening. Quotes Jon Traunfeld and includes links to website.

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Grow It, Eat It…Anywhere! University Gardening Expert to Introduce "Salad Table" on Martha Stewart Show!

We’re hard at work promoting the Grow It Eat It initiative. Read the the Press Release for yourself! The Obama Administration’s call for personal responsibility has inspired a “grow it yourself” movement across the country. And thanks to a new…

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St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day. Time to plant your spring peas today! Plant potatoes as soon as the soil is dry enough to work. Read the March vegetable gardening tips on the Grow It Eat It website.

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Let’s Get Growing

Grow it! Eat it! There’s nothing like the flavor of a locally-grown tomato and there’s no location more local than your own backyard. Creating your own small food garden in 2009 could be an answer to many of life’s big…

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