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Celebrating Pumpkin Weekend, Day 1

Happy Pumpkin Weekend to all! Having come into some pumpkin seedlings courtesy of my young cousin’s Halloween fun of smashing a pumpkin on the ground LAST year, Nicolas and I decided to dedicate this entire weekend to pumpkin fun celebrating…

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Cabbage Worm Armageddon, Pt II – Death by Garbage Disposal

Warning: The following true account is not for the faint of heart. It is presented here solely as a cautionary tale for those who would grow and harvest their own broccoli. Tonight we harvested our first head of broccoli from…

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Cabbage Worm Armageddon!!!

I wish I’d gone back and read Bob Nixon’s Aug 7 post about covering broccoli transplants with tulle, because the cabbage moths sure did visit my broccoli patch this year (see right). Still, I have developed a somewhat effective tactic…

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Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy

In my previous post I talked a little about ‘Vegetable Philanthropy’, which is essentially donating your extra vegetables to those who need it. Today I’m going to talk about Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy – you’ll see what I mean in a…

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Vegetable Philanthropy!

What in the world is ‘vegetable philanthropy’? First, it’s a term that my husband and I coined for the idea of donating extra produce from your garden to your local soup kitchen or food pantry. Second, it’s the act of…

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Why I Grow Vegetables

Hello! Welcome to my very first ever blog post! I’m Donna, and I’m a Maryland Master Gardener. I thought I’d start this blogging thing off by telling you a little about why I grow vegetables. There are many reasons people…

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