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Q&A: What causes orchid leaves to turn yellow and shrivel?

Q: Why are my orchid leaves turning yellow and drying up? The plants are located in the bathtub where they get sun daily from the south and west window. A: While it is normal for the oldest leaves of moth…

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Q&A: They’re Orange and Black But Not Monarchs. What’s Eating My Milkweed Plant?

Q: I found these orange bugs all over the milkweed I planted for Monarch caterpillars. What are they and what, if anything, should I do about them? I don’t want to harm other organisms. A: What you have here are…

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Cardinal Flower Is for Hummingbirds

I gave up on my hummingbird feeder years ago. It was more than I wanted to do to keep up with changing the sugar solution every two to three days, as recommended to keep the food free of spoilage that…

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Q&A: What’s wrong with my hydrangea flowers?

Q: My hydrangea bloomed white but instead of turning red it turned brown. What is happening to the petals and what can be done? A: A disease called Botrytis blight can cause spots and browning symptoms on the flower petals…

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Q&A: What’s Wrong With My Pachysandra?

Q: We have a steep hill that is covered with mature Japanese Pachysandra that is dying. It is under a large tulip tree. This groundcover was healthy for more than twenty years. During the last couple of years the leaves have turned yellow…

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Q&A:  Why didn’t Japanese maples lose their leaves last fall?

Q:  Most of my Japanese maples are still full of dead leaves. They never exfoliated in the fall to leave bare branches. Will this affect new growth in the spring? Should I just let them be? A: We have received…

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