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July harvest

Hey there garden gals and guys! Yes, it’s been a while since my last post. Let me just say that my garden is frustrating me a little. One of my cucumber plants bit the dust and it looks as if…

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June harvest and a string bean recipe

Happy July! Yesterday was the last day of June and I got a small harvest out of my garden that consisted of several sweet banana peppers and two more okra. Now here’s the real treat. Last week, I took all…

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Harvesting okra

It’s a beautiful, early Saturday morning. Join me as I harvest some okra, won’t you? I have never grown okra before, so when a friend asked me how to harvest it, I had to do some research. I’m glad that…

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String beans and okra

Well, here it is! My first harvest of the season….string beans! I got a handful of beauties and I think I may cook them up for dinner tonight. In fact, I’m going to find a yummy recipe and then write…

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Hose repair

Okay garden gals and guys, here’s our first lesson in repair. This may seem very simplistic to some but for those that may not know how to do it, now you will know! What is it you ask? Hose repair!…

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June in my garden

I sit here at my computer with my garden gear on complete with floppy, wide-brimmed white garden hat and I’m smiling because it’s June in my garden. That means that my plants have flowers and soon will begin to set…

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