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For squash, sometimes late is better than early

I’ve just played my annual personal “joke” on the Burpee Seed Company. I’ve just planted the seeds of Burpee’s Early Prolific Straightneck squash, one of our favorites. The paradox is that the last week of June is not considered “early”…

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Another Great Partnership

Master Gardeners partnered with Providence Center to provide summer transplants for the First Lady’s vegetable Garden. Master Gardeners provided the seeds and partcipants from Providence Center planted and cultivated the seedlings for the garden. Additionally, five clients from Providence Center’s…

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Perennial Vegetables

My gardening book to-be-read pile keeps getting larger, but one item that jumped to the top of the heap recently (not only because it was a library book and had to be returned on time) was Eric Toensmeier’s Perennial Vegetables….

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Late blight- will it return next year?

Over the Labor Day weekend I had to pull out the 22 tomato plants in my home garden that were infected with late blight. I harvested the green tomatoes, stuffed the plants in large plastic bags and put them out…

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Welcome to the Derwood Demo Garden

My name is Erica Smith, and I’ll be blogging over the growing season to keep you updated on the progress of the Montgomery County Master Gardeners’ demonstration garden at the Agricultural Farm History Park in Derwood. The garden is run…

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Thirsty Feeders

Squash is one of my favorite summer vegetables. They are easy to grow and and don’t require as much care throughout the season as other garden inhabitants can. They are also easy to incorporate into many existing recipes which is…

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