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How plants cope with soaring temperatures

Hot enough for ya?  It’s only July, but we’ve had more than our share of relentless heat. Have you ever wondered how plants cope with heat?  It’s not as if they can turn on their air conditioners or pour themselves…

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Pitcher plants: their pools are cool, but not always refreshing

As I’m writing this, my weather station tells me that it feels like 95F outside, and now all I can do is think of jumping into a pool. And because in the natural world pools are not just for refreshing…

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Cicada damage: how to prune twigs – Featured Video

Now that the Brood X cicadas are finally silent, you likely have noticed flagging branches on certain trees eggs were laid in. Take a look at this video explaining maintenance you may want to do on these twigs.

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Welcome to The Learning Garden, Maryland State Fairgrounds

The first thing I noticed about the garden was its verticality. Going vertical is a way to gain space in the garden, and it’s a favorite trick of mine in my own garden. The garden I was admiring, though, wasn’t…

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In praise of good bugs. Good bugs are a gardener’s best friend.

Small potted herb garden

Boonsboro, MD –  Ladybugs.Lacewings.Ground beetles.Wasps. What do all these insects have in common?  They are the good guys, the beneficial insects that help keep bad bugs at bay in our gardens.  Nine out of 10 insects are beneficial. Yes, most…

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June Maryland Wildlife – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Listen to podcast Hello Listener,  In this month episode we are speaking with Kerry Wixted, Education and Outreach Specialist for Maryland DNR about Maryland wildlife.   Did you know we have native rattle snake in Maryland?  Learn why possum are…

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Get ready for Pollinator Week: Let’s play pollination bingo!

Here in Maryland, June is the month when it starts to get hot and we start seeing fireflies, but also when a lot of plants flower and a ton of insects are flying around! Also, June is when The Pollinator…

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