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Butternut Woollyworm on Black Walnut Trees

Sawflies seem to be in abundance this summer on a lot of plants including hibiscus, roses, and jewelweed, among others. The larvae of sawflies are often confused with caterpillars. Sawflies are the larvae of young of wasps (Hymenoptera), whereas caterpillars…

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Brown Patch in Maryland Lawns

Along with the start of summer time comes a common lawn disease for Maryland homeowners’ lawns called brown patch. The disease is caused by several fungal species of Rhizoctonia.  Rainy summers are worse, but even drier summers have brown patch…

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Lawn and Garden Tips and Tricks for July

Every month, we will highlight a few timely, key tips for Maryland homeowners’ lawns and gardens. Fruit Growers: Fruit plants have shallow root systems which are easily damaged by cultivation. Do not cultivate or dig into the soil around small…

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Brown Tips on Leland Cypress

Q:  I have two beautiful, mature Leyland cypresses in my yard. I noticed that their tips are turning brown in spots. I see the same phenomenon on my neighbor’s evergreens that border my yard. Is this a disease? Do the…

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