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June Maryland Wildlife – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Listen to podcast Hello Listener,  In this month episode we are speaking with Kerry Wixted, Education and Outreach Specialist for Maryland DNR about Maryland wildlife.   Did you know we have native rattle snake in Maryland?  Learn why possum are…

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Get ready for Pollinator Week: Let’s play pollination bingo!

Here in Maryland, June is the month when it starts to get hot and we start seeing fireflies, but also when a lot of plants flower and a ton of insects are flying around! Also, June is when The Pollinator…

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Magi-Cicadas: exceeding decibel limits! Featured Video

In the morning, the drone of the cicada chorus precedes the harmony of the songbirds. The loudest of the three species, Magicicada cassinii, is one of the smallest and is all black. Their harmless, feeding results in cicada pee dropping…

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A gardener laments lessons hard won

If only I’d known.  How many times have we slapped our forehead at our gardening follies and mumbled that under our breath.  So today, I am paying homage to the lessons my garden has taught me.   Soil is god.  Healthy…

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May Herbs Herbs Herbs! – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Listen to episode In this month episode we are talking about herbs. Now there are too many amazing herbs our there to cover them all in one episode so in this episode we are cover:  what is a herb, three…

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How to pick the perfect tree

Southern magnolias add beauty to a landscape but large fallen leaves can be a maintenance issue.

I think that I shall never seeA poem lovely as a tree. Joyce Kilmer I love trees.  The wind whispering through a grove of pines.  An oak’s limbs raised to the sky in winter.  The pink pom-poms of a cherry…

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Oil Sprays for Spotted Lanternfly Eggs – Featured Video

Learn more about the origins and recent movements of the invasive spotted lanternfly, plus how to spray any egg masses you may find. Joyce Browning Horticulturist, Master Gardener Coordinator Video credit: Bethany Evans Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Program Alumni; CPH

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