Pollination: The Garden Thyme Podcast

The garden thyme podcast episode on pollination and pollinators

In this month’s episode of The Garden Thyme Podcast, we are excited to celebrate National Pollinator Week ( June 19-25, 2023)! A pollinator is any animal that visits flowering plants and moves pollen from flower to flower, which helps plants reproduce, making fruits and seeds. In North America pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths, flower flies, beetles, and wasps. Worldwide, approximately 1,000 plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, and spices need to be pollinated by animals.

We also have our: 

  • Native Plant of the Month – Beardtongues (Penstemon digitalis and P. hirsutus) ~16:40
  • Bug of the Month – Fig wasps (Agaonidae sp.) ~21:18
  • Garden Tips of the Month – ~30:00

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The Garden Thyme Podcast is brought to you by the University of Maryland Extension. Hosts are Mikaela Boley, Senior Agent Associate (Talbot County) for Horticulture; Rachel Rhodes, Agent Associate for Horticulture (Queen Anne’s County); and Emily Zobel, Senior Agent Associate for Agriculture (Dorchester County).

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