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Garden Resolutions and Winter Weather Plant Care – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that we’re already in a new year. After almost an entire year of quarantining, in this month’s episode, we took time to pause and reflect on last year’s gardening success and failures. Like many of you, the pandemic really threw us for a loop and many of our goals for the previous year took the back burner to more pressing issues. We chatted about our 2021 gardening goals. At the same time, we discussed cold weather plant care (13:00 ). Northeast winters can be very harsh and damaging to our plants, ensuring that they receive proper care during bad weather safeguards our plants. 

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Garden Tips of the Month at (19:03)
Native Plant of the Month at (26:50) Partridgeberry- Mitchella repens
Bug of the Month at (29:45) Springtails – order: Collembola

The Garden Thyme Podcast is brought to you by the University of Maryland Extension. Hosts are Mikaela Boley- Senior Agent Associate (Talbot County) for Horticulture, Rachel Rhodes- Agent Associate for Horticulture (Queen Anne’s County), and Emily Zobel-Senior Agent Associate for Agriculture (Dorchester County).

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