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Gardening resolutions 2020

Happy New Year! At the beginning of January we typically think through what we plan to do better in the coming twelve months in all aspects of our lives, whether that’s reading more books or committing to a fitness program or eating healthy. Of course we don’t always follow through, but it’s still worth considering what might make our lives better–including our gardening lives! Here’s just a snippet of what I’m focusing on in 2020.

That’s only part of what I want to get done; the thing about resolutions is if you list them all, they look overwhelming and you can’t get started. There are several more large piles of arborist wood chips in my future that will need to be moved by wheelbarrow loads to their weed-smothering goal; there are major renovations of several garden beds; there are lots of native plants and lots of vegetable seedlings to go in the ground. I hope most of it will happen, but you never know what the year will bring.

What are your resolutions for your 2020 garden?


By Erica Smith, Montgomery County Master Gardener

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