November Tips and Tasks

  • Mulch your perennials after the first hard freeze. This helps to protect them from frost heaving caused by the freezing and thawing of the soil. Mulch helps moderate temperature fluctuations, reducing this problem. Mulch should be no more than 2-3″ deep.
  • Be on the lookout for Spotted Lanternfly adults and egg masses. Report any finds to the Maryland Department of Agriculture.
  • Save the time and effort of raking, blowing, and picking up leaves. Leaves are a valuable source of organic matter to improve the soil in a lawn and garden. Leaves that fall onto the lawn can be shredded with a lawnmower and left to decompose naturally in place. Fallen leaves also make an excellent mulch for garden beds. Shred them first by running over them with a mulching mower or a leaf shredder.
Shredded leaves on home lawn
Shredded leaves on home lawn
  • Rosemary topiaries are popular indoor plants. They can be tricky to grow and have trouble adapting to indoor growing conditions. Watch our video for tips.

Refer to the Home and Garden Information Center website for more gardening tips and tasks.

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