Eastern Worm Snake – Featured Video

One of these small snakes found its way into my house and then parts of it found their way into my cat’s belly two nights ago, so I was inspired to share our short video profiling the eastern worm snake commonly found in Maryland.

Find more info on snakes on the HGIC website.

One Comment on “Eastern Worm Snake – Featured Video

  1. I grow up raising multiple different reptiles from iquanas, tegues, savannas, various geckos. Snakes to include boas, balls, garnet, black, and even a copperhead (which I wasn’t supposed to have.) Turtles and frogs. Now I have my most difficult snake to take care of, the eastern worm snake. There is very little info on these guys. I understand the basics of how to keep one. What I’m looking for is advice in making sure it stays healthy. Please I think these guys are amazing and want to make sure I’m doing right by them. Any advice on care and feeding that is not basic or common knowledge would be appreciated. Thank you.

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