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How to Choose a Seed Catalog

Like holiday decorations, seed catalogs seem to arrive earlier every year. They bring a bit of color and freshness into a cold and often dreary season, and winter gives us the perfect chance to sit down and plan next year’s garden. It’s SEED TIME!

Seed catalogs. Photo: Erica Smith

But NO, I hear you say. I’m not ready yet! Well… maybe we don’t need to get organized about ordering seeds until sometime in the new year. As the catalogs slide into your mailbox, though, it’s a good time to review them and make some preliminary decisions about where you’ll get those seeds from. Even those of us who’ve been gardening for a while like to switch it up between vendors sometimes, and I’m sure many Maryland Grows readers who are newer gardeners have reached the point where they’re getting seed catalogs they never asked for, but which look tantalizing. But no one wants to pay shipping costs on orders of one or two seed packets from each company. How do you narrow the choice down? Read on for some criteria to make the selection easier.

Things I care about less these days

I hope these guidelines are useful to you! Beyond that, your choice is a matter of personal preference: sometimes you just fall in love with a particular catalog and want to give that company your business, and that’s fine. Don’t forget about participating in seed swaps and sharing packets with friends. And happy winter dreaming!

By Erica Smith, Montgomery County Master Gardener

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