Lawn and Garden Tips and Tricks for November


  • Typically, November is too late to broadcast lawn seed and expect it to survive the winter. Consider waiting until early spring.
  • This is still a good time to control wild garlic, clover, ground ivy, chickweed, and other difficult weeds with an herbicide if daytime temperatures remain in the sixties. Do not spray herbicides around ponds or on breezy days. Always read and closely follow all label instructions.
  • According to Maryland’s Lawn Fertilizer Law (PDF), the last application of fall fertilizer needs to be applied before November 15th.
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Soil and Compost

  • Fall is an ideal time to add organic matter to your garden. Spade or till in a layer of leaf compost or well-rotted manure and then cover with a layer of shredded or mulched leaves.
  • Here are some ideas for dealing with fallen tree leaves:
    • Shred them with a mulching lawnmower and leave them in place (as long as they don’t completely cover your grass).
    • Shred them and add them to your compost pile.
    • Cover your garden soil with shredded leaves.
    • Use them to mulch perennials, trees, and shrubs.
    • Run them over with a mulching mower, bag them up and use them as a mulch next year.
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Attracting Wildlife

  • Use your fall trimmings and leaves to build a brush pile in the corner of your yard or near the edge of a wooded area. Brush piles offer winter protection for ground-dwelling birds, small mammals and a hibernaculum for reptiles.
  • Rake some leaves into your ornamental beds. The leaves serve as mulch which breaks down into organic matter. The mulch slowly releases nutrients and offers weed control. A layer of leaf litter also provides a valuable hibernating habitat for important predatory insects and other beneficial small animals such as frogs, toads, and snakes.
  • Wildlife info on HGIC

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