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Get Your Lawn Back in Shape This September

With summer winding down — nights are getting longer and days getting cooler — September is a perfect time to rejuvenate tall fescue lawns. Aerating and overseeding now in the fall will make your lawn stronger and better able to resist pests and weed encroachment for next season.

Here are a few points to remember when aerating and overseeding for a lawn rejuvenation this fall:

During rejuvenation is a good time for fall fertilization as well. The University of Maryland Extension recommendation for tall fescue lawns is to apply 0.9 lb. nitrogen/1000 sq. ft. Remember, Maryland fertilizer laws don’t allow you to add phosphorous (i.e. the middle number on a bag of fertilizer should be “zero”) unless you are doing a complete lawn renovation or have done a soil test that indicates phosphorus is needed.

By Geoff Rinehart, Lecturer, Turfgrass Management, Institute of Applied Agriculture, University of Maryland

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