Sustainable Landscaping on the Eastern Shore

Sustainable Landscaping on the Eastern Shore

  • Do you have property on the Maryland Eastern Shore?
  • Are you looking to revamp — or just add finishing touches — to your home’s landscape?
  • Are you interested in having a landscape that is both ecologically-friendly and low maintenance?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to attend this event!

What: Sustainable Landscaping on the Eastern Shore

When: Saturday, September 23rd | 9:30-2:15pm | Optional field walk 2:15-4:00pm

Where: Eastern Shore Higher Education Center | 1000 College Cir Drive | Wye Mills, MD 21679

Who: Barbara Ellis, Sylvan Kaufman, and Christina Pax

Cost: $25

The University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener Program has organized an amazing line up of three experts in native plant landscape design.Chesapeake Gardening & Landscaping

  • Barbara Ellis is the author of Chesapeake Gardening & Landscaping. She will share her principles for building diversity in the garden and creating a Bay-Friendly garden and landscape. Whether you are looking for some simple tips, or have a more ambitious project in mind, Barbara will guide you and provide some tricks of the trade.
  • Sylvan Kaufman, author of Invasive Plants, will identify the invasive plants that are far too common in our landscape, and then provide some alternative plant selections that will still meet the look and feel that you are going after.
    Invasive Plants

    Buy the books and get them signed at the event!

    Sylvan will focus on those plant species that are well suited for Maryland’s bees, butterflies, and birds.

  • Christina Pax is the Lead Designer at the Native Landscape Design Center at Adkins Arboretum. Christina has years of landscape design experience, and she will inspire you with eye-opening examples of how other people got it right – with her help of course! You’ll learn how to design low maintenance options for pollinator gardens and controlling rainwater.
Adkins Arboretum

Check out Adkins Arboretum’s Native Landscape Design Center!

And wouldn’t it be great to see all these principles in action? If you are one of the first 30 people to sign up for it, you can attend an optional field walk at a nearby property at no extra charge.

Download the event flyer or learn more and register at

If you can’t make the event, but are interested in these topics, please check out the Earth-Friendly resources on our website.

By Alicia F. Bembenek, Ph.D., Master Gardener Advanced Training Coordinator, University of Maryland Extension, Home & Garden Information Center.

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