Tomato tasting at the MoCo MG’s GIEI open house

Guest post by Gail Ifshin. Photos by Donna Starkweather.

On August 6, we celebrated the Year of the Tomato at the Montgomery County GIEI annual summer event.  You could explore solutions to problems with your tomato plants and learn about seed saving with MG experts.  And of course, most deliciously, participate in the tomato tasting contest.  A big thank you is due to everyone who took part – whether by donating or tasting!

At the tomato tasting event we showcased 53 varieties of tomatoes, most of which were donations from individual Master Gardeners and the Demo Garden.  And the winners are…

1st Place — Golden Jubilee (Gerrie Wetzel)
2nd Place — Juliet (Demo Garden)
3rd Place — Blueberry (Robin Ritterhoff)
4th Place — Black Ruffled (Lily Bruch)

1st Place — Sungold (Terri Valenti, Dan Ward, Dara Ballow-Giffen, Robin Ritterhoff)
2nd Place — Black Cherry (Merikay Smith, Alice Pare)
3rd Place — Yellow Brandywine (Gerrie Wetzel)
4th Place — Pineapple (Gerrie Wetzel)

1st Place — Pink Berkeley Tie Dye (Market)
2nd Place — Beefmaster (Market)
3rd Place — Black Prince (Market)
4th Place — Cherokee Carbon (Market)

*Interestingly, none of the winning ugliest tomatoes came from the gardens of MG’s!

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