ID this plant! My mystery Asian celery/parsley

I usually know the names of the plants in my garden (at least the ones I put in on purpose), but this year I have an unknown in my vegetable bed and I am turning to the GIEI readership to identify it. I was given the seedling last year by someone who’d received it from someone else (yes, the vagueness is unfortunately real) who said it was a Japanese (or perhaps otherwise Asian) type of celery. So I planted it, and it crept along pretty much ignored, and then this year it kind of exploded and looks like this (about 18 inches high and wide):

It is not the Japanese parsley known as mitsuba or Cryptotaenia japonica (which I actually have seeds for but didn’t get around to planting this year). I think it may be Oenanthe javanica, known as water celery or Java water dropwort. This is the closest guess I have, but if anyone recognizes the plant, please let me know!

Yes, I have been eating it (since it’s from a presumably reliable if forgotten source), and it tastes similar to both celery and parsley and is quite good. So far I’ve just thrown bits into stir-fries and the like; I was thinking about making a kind of pesto with it, since I have so much of it, but would appreciate other recipes. Thanks for any help you can give, GIEI readers!

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